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memorize quran online memorize quran online Memorize Quran Online Memorize Quran Online

Memorize the Quran online from anywhere in the world

One who takes the time and effort to memorize the Quran is well respected in the Muslim community. This entails a spiritual journey that builds a deep connection between you and Allah. And you don’t even need to be of a certain age or background to read and memorize Quran online. Everyone who completes this task is seen as a guide to others.

If your inner self tells you to deepen your faith, choose a program by TarteeleQuran to memorize Quran online. We run courses that can be completed in the shortest time with the highest accuracy and flawlessness. Our step-by-step approach makes it easy for you to listen, read, and memorize the holy book to take the most rewarding course of your life.

Why should you read and memorize the Quran?

Learning the divine book by heart is a deep-rooted tradition. The best way to memorize the Quran is to listen and read. It may be a monumental task, but the benefits are so rewarding you are always encouraged to do it:

  • Gain more profound knowledge. When you recite verses and understand their meanings, you expose yourself to a wealth of new knowledge. With TarteeleQuran, you can accomplish this even if Arabic is not your native language.
  • Reap the spiritual rewards. According to a Hadith, everyone will be asked to recite the Quran on the Day of Judgment. And you will rise as you recite! Imagine the heights you can achieve as a person who has memorized the Quran.
  • Become a leader. A hafiz is generally admired with high esteem. You will be looked upon as an intellectual and a leader with a better understanding of the principles. People will respect you for who you are.
  • Improve memory. Studies suggest that memorizing the Quran sharpens your memory and increases your IQ. The working capacity of your brain goes up as you make an effort to retain everything you read. Our online Quran memorization classes focus on innovative steps to make it feasible even for kids.
  • Develop self-control. You need a great amount of discipline to Hifz the Quran. Setting up a schedule and adhering to the learning process with our tutors gives you that much-needed self-control, which can be applied to other things in life.

Start a free trial of our Quran memorization course today

TarteeleQuran provides you with the opportunity to memorize the Holy Book with proper Tajweed. You need at least a couple of hours every day to focus on new lessons and revise the memorized portion. 

Whether you join the course for yourself or your kids, we invite you to attend our free trial classes for several days. We have expert tutors from Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan who will be available at any time you choose.

You can check out the pricing on our Quran memorization website. We refund 100% of your money if you are not satisfied with our teaching process.

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Process to Memorize Quran Online

1- New Lesson to memorize

If you start to memorize Quran online then you need to start with a verse for example of  9 words and read it to your Quran teacher once so to make sure that it is without mistake. Then you can beak the verse into 3-3-3 words and repeat the first 3 words 3 to 7 times or until you are sure that you can read it by heart. Then read those 3 words by hear 3 times. Then take the next 3 words of the same verse and repeat it the same way. Then read all 6 words of the same verse 3 times and do it by heart and then complete the whole verse with the same way

2- Revision of Newly Memorized Portion

Once you have memorized some of the portion of a Juz you need to revise it daily and recite it to the teacher by heart. The newly memorized portion of 4 to 5 pages must be recited on daily basis to that it becomes fixed and unforgettable.

3- Revision of Old Memorized Portion

Once you have a piled up portion of some juz or Surah, you need to recite of those to your Quran teacher so that you can keep it fixed and memorized. For example, if you have memorized 3 Juz, you can divide it into 6 equal parts and recite 1 part to your Quran teacher daily with a revision so that there is no mistake and complete it in 6 days and then start it over on 7th days.

Let’s join us to help you memorize Quran online

If you wish to memorize the Quran or you want it for your kids or siblings you can join us with a free trial lesson for few days and see how it works. Kindly the contact us form below to get help to memorize Quran online with our best Quran teachers at TarteeleQuran.Co.UK. Register