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Learn Quran Online for beginners learn quran online for beginners learn Quran online for beginners basic tajweedJoin online Quran classes for beginners to praise Allah and absorb His Grace

No matter how busy you are at work, studies or with family duties, nourishing your eternal part is always the right thing to do. And what can be a better way to soak up every bit of His wisdom than learning the Quran for beginners?

Every Islamic community and each devout Muslim must have at least one Holy Quran copy in their homes. But, for various reasons, few young Muslims and even adults can study the righteous guidance of Allah, the Almighty, without proper assistance. Fortunately, you are never restricted in your commitment to learning the Quran online for beginners at TarteeleQuran.

In-Shaa-Allah, you are finally here with an unwavering desire to learn the sounding and understanding of Allah’s honourable concepts. At TarteeleQuran, we will help set you and your children on the path of good while praising Allah.

Easy way to learn Quran for beginners does exist

Every Muslim can now master the Holy Book in the shortest time by taking our online lessons via Skype or Zoom. TarteeleQuran’s program is developed exclusively for non-Arabic speakers. Our Arab and non-Arab tutors give classes so that all our enrollees can take the course of the Quran for beginners and get a handle on the Arabic alphabet, sounds and sacred meaning behind every word in the Quran.

As our lessons require no physical presence, Muslim men, women and children can learn together, moving towards the cherished dream of getting through Holy Surahs in Arabic.

Our online Quran classes fall into three key steps:

  • Learning 29 Arabic alphabets and phonetics. Non-Arabic speakers need some time to get used to articulation. As an enrollee, you will receive plenty of attention from our teachers to practise each sound and drive it to perfection.
  • Forming words. Arabic words compile from Harakat signs. Harakat helps combine words and pronounce them according to the Arabic phonetic rules.
  • Mastering verses. Step by step, by memorising and practising, you’ll learn to create one verse after another. This proficiency is important for you to proceed to Tajweed as soon as possible.

At TarteeleQuran, your learning experience will be seamless and trouble-free to make sure Allah’s words transmitted from the Holy Quran pages are easy to understand, remember and live by. 

Those who complete this course on the Quran for beginners can cite the passages in Arabic and deepen their faith. We are happy to carry this knowledge and bring His Regulations to others, In-Shaa-Allah.

Online Quran classes for beginners in the UK: Ready to start?

We are thrilled to welcome new hearts open to Allah and help you make the first step towards a beautiful future. Count on the TarteeleQuran teachers for guidance through the Holy Quran. Feel free to reach us by calling +442070971406 and book a spot for the course.

Register now and avail yourself of a free trial class when it’s convenient for you. Start learning the Quran for beginners and become the best Muslim you can be!