Basic Tajweed

basic tajweed basic tajweed Basic Tajweed basic tajweed

Basic Tajweed

Basics of Tajweed is the course offered for the students at the Level-I that is exceptionally essential. This incorporates The Arabic letter sets, their qualities and the basic principles with general comprehension and practice.

Lessons for Basic Tajweed

There are around 20 to 25 lesson, which are shrouded, in this basic course. The children are shown this fundamental tajweed course with connected way utilizing the conventional Qaida or Quran Foundation Course. The accompanying key ideas are talked about:


1-Pronunciation of the Arabic letters in order with the best possible purposes of beginning.

2-The diverse sounds and normal for the letters i.e. being intense and being shrieking.

3-The indications of the letters which are utilized to create distinctive hints of the letters in order.

4-Letters of Madd and Leen (Long vowels and Soft letter)

5-The noiseless sign (Sukoon or Jazam)

6-Rules of Noon Sakinah and Tanween

7-Rules of Meem Sakinah

8-Rules of the letter Raa

9-Rules of the letter Laam in the expression of Allah S.W.T

10-Rules of Waqf (The best possible method for delaying and ceasing)

Teaching approach for Basic Tajweed

Fundamental and basic Tajweed covers the previously mentioned ideas and tenets, which are educated with little points of interest and with connected approach for grown-ups. In any case, for the children as said, it is educated with connected approach without clarifying the point-by-point rules. Toward the finish of the is course the understudy can read without anyone else’s input/herself and can be familiar soon with 4-7 months relying upon the level of comprehension and the quantity of days given to cover the course according to plan. The course is exceptionally straightforward and simple course that empower a none-Arab to peruse the Holy Quran with Tajweed.