• Learn the Holy Quran Online with Tajweed

    Learn the Holy Quran Online with Tajweed

    Learn how to read the Holy Quran online with Tajweed. The courses are for all ages and genders.

  • Online Quran Classes for kids

    Online Quran Classes for kids

    One on one classes and courses with individual attention to each student.

  • Memorize the Quran Online

    Memorize the Quran Online

    We help students memorize the Holy Quran Online.

  • Basic Tajweed for adults and aged ones!

    Basic Tajweed for adults and aged ones!

    Very easy and interesting approach to learn with your desired schedule online.

  • Daily Supplication and Prayer

    Daily Supplication and Prayer

    Learn how to read daily Duas and Prayers online, learn how to offer five times a days prayers.

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed Classes, Courses, Lessons in UK

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TarteeleQuran: Your best way to learn Quran

The best way to learn is to learn your way. This is so true when it comes to getting a grasp on Arabic and the Quran. If you think it’s too hard to get a feel for the Holy Book — let alone reciting it — TarteeleQuran is here to change your mind as you join our online Quran classes in the UK.

There’s no unrelenting pressure on your learning. There are no minimum lessons you must take or assignments you must complete. With TarteeleQuran, you can learn the Quran in a way you choose, with a tutor who can bring hard-to-comprehend materials to life and with as many lessons per month as you feel comfortable with.

You don’t have to share your learning time with classmates. You can now enjoy the complete dedication of a Quran teacher online in the UK. Tap to join a Skype or Zoom session and be guided through your Arabic and Quran lessons without classroom distractions.

Quran courses for early learners and would-be reciters

Learning Arabic and the Holy Book with TarteeleQuran feels rewarding for all ages. The content and the way we teach are adapted to the needs of kids, adults and the elderly who are ready to take the plunge. Whether you’re getting started with Noorani Qaida or making your way to Tajweed, TarteeleQuran is the place to be.

Our Quran tutors will bring you closer to Allah Almighty amid your learning journey with a strong focus on:

  • Developing a basic understanding of the Holy Book
  • Reading
  • Recitation
  • Memorization

Sign up for just one course or reaffirm your absolute commitment by taking all TarteeleQuran courses to strengthen your Iman. But it doesn’t have to feel weird. Use our free trial option to take your first class for free!


We employ expert Quran teachers with Tajweed skills

TarteeleQuran offer best Quran classes with the employment of Expert Quran teachers from around the globe. Our Quran teachers have following characteristics:

  1.  Out teachers have memorized the Holy Quran and most of them have Ijazah certified
  2. The tutors with us are university graduates in Islamic studies.
  3. They were given good training on teaching skills to the kids and adults.
  4. Our Quran trainers are patient and professional in teaching the Quran.
  5. They are good citizenship holder and have very good character.

You can try our male and female Quran teacher in the free trial lessons to learn Quran online.

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