Memorize Quran Online

memorize quran onlineMemorize Quran online with TarteeleQuran’s skilled and knowledgeable teacher from Pakistan, Jordan Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Memorization of the Holy Quran is a passion. Many students and parents ¬†have keen desire to memorize the Holy Quran but if they are living in a none-Muslim countries then it becomes difficult for them to materialize the beautiful dream.

Here at TarteeleQuran such students can memorize Quran online. Memorization of the Holy Quran needs physical and spiritual efforts and strives for a log time a and then one have to keep it fixed and remembered for the whole life.

The process is very simple and easy as Allah S.W.T has already mentioned it in the Holy Quran: “And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” Surah Al-Qamar. Now it is easy to memorize Quran online as we have some students who have completed memorization online at TarteeleQuran AlhamduliAllah

Memorization involves inatially to learn how to read with Tajweed and then any one can start it and strive to achieve it. There are three processes which work side by side to memorize Quran online.

1- New Memorization (Lesson/Sabaq)

This is the portion of your new memorization you will revise and will do it by hear and make it mistakes less and then you will recite it to the teacher. This can be few verses at the start and can gradually increased to as much as some one has the capacity of memory. Before you memorize a new portion as your new lesson, you have to recite to the teacher to make sure that there is not mistakes in reading and in Tajweed. It is necessary to make sure that what ever you memorize is mistakes less. Our teachers and tutors will help you memorize and will guide you how to do it in very little time.

2- Revision of Newly Memorized Portion (Sabaqi)

This is newly memorized portion about 3-5 pages daily. Whatever you have memorized recently in past week very next to your New Memorized portion. This is necessary to recite it daily to your teacher after your lesson to make newly memorized portion fixed. As your lesson goes to next pages you skip some of the page from it and add more newly memorized portion.

3- Revision of Old Memorized Portion

This is includes the portion other than the lesson and newly memorized portion. Whatever you have memorized more then one Juz or so is revised, prepared and then recited to you teacher every day. Suppose you have memorized three Juz (parts), last 5 and recently memorized one is Sabaqi and rest is to review. We divide it in to different equal parts and then recite it daily to the teacher to keep old memorized portion fixed. It is recited beside new lesson and Sabaqi.

Let us know if you need more explanation to understand more. We will set up a session and will guide you through the whole process how to memorize Quran Online. In-Shaa-Allah. Lets memorize Quran online at TarteeleQuran.